HTTP Framework for REST Applications in C
Data Fields
_u_request Struct Reference

definition of the parameters available in a struct _u_request More...

#include <ulfius.h>

Data Fields

char * http_protocol
char * http_verb
char * http_url
char * url_path
char * proxy
int check_server_certificate
int check_server_certificate_flag
int check_proxy_certificate
int check_proxy_certificate_flag
int follow_redirect
char * ca_path
unsigned long timeout
struct sockaddr * client_address
char * auth_basic_user
char * auth_basic_password
struct _u_mapmap_url
struct _u_mapmap_header
struct _u_mapmap_cookie
struct _u_mapmap_post_body
void * binary_body
size_t binary_body_length
unsigned int callback_position
gnutls_x509_crt_t client_cert
char * client_cert_file
char * client_key_file
char * client_key_password

Detailed Description

definition of the parameters available in a struct _u_request

Field Documentation

◆ http_protocol

char* _u_request::http_protocol

◆ http_verb

char* _u_request::http_verb

◆ http_url

char* _u_request::http_url

◆ url_path

char* _u_request::url_path

◆ proxy

char* _u_request::proxy

◆ check_server_certificate

int _u_request::check_server_certificate

◆ check_server_certificate_flag

int _u_request::check_server_certificate_flag

◆ check_proxy_certificate

int _u_request::check_proxy_certificate

◆ check_proxy_certificate_flag

int _u_request::check_proxy_certificate_flag

◆ follow_redirect

int _u_request::follow_redirect

◆ ca_path

char* _u_request::ca_path

◆ timeout

unsigned long _u_request::timeout

◆ client_address

struct sockaddr* _u_request::client_address

◆ auth_basic_user

char* _u_request::auth_basic_user

◆ auth_basic_password

char* _u_request::auth_basic_password

◆ map_url

struct _u_map* _u_request::map_url

◆ map_header

struct _u_map* _u_request::map_header

◆ map_cookie

struct _u_map* _u_request::map_cookie

◆ map_post_body

struct _u_map* _u_request::map_post_body

◆ binary_body

void* _u_request::binary_body

◆ binary_body_length

size_t _u_request::binary_body_length

◆ callback_position

unsigned int _u_request::callback_position

◆ client_cert

gnutls_x509_crt_t _u_request::client_cert

◆ client_cert_file

char* _u_request::client_cert_file

◆ client_key_file

char* _u_request::client_key_file

◆ client_key_password

char* _u_request::client_key_password

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