HTTP Framework for REST Applications in C
Data Fields
_u_cookie Struct Reference

#include <ulfius.h>

Data Fields

char * key
char * value
char * expires
unsigned int max_age
char * domain
char * path
int secure
int http_only
int same_site

Detailed Description

struct _u_cookie the structure containing the response cookie parameters

Field Documentation

◆ key

char* _u_cookie::key

◆ value

char* _u_cookie::value

◆ expires

char* _u_cookie::expires

◆ max_age

unsigned int _u_cookie::max_age

◆ domain

char* _u_cookie::domain

◆ path

char* _u_cookie::path

◆ secure

int _u_cookie::secure

◆ http_only

int _u_cookie::http_only

◆ same_site

int _u_cookie::same_site

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